Three people weaving at Design Afrika in Woodstock, South Africa

CAPE TOWN DIARY : Thursday is Weaving Day!

Weaving with Victoria and Lindewe

Every Thursday in Cape Town, I have the amazing opportunity to weave with Victoria and Lindewe. They are two talented Xhosa weavers who have been working with Binky for many years. We are using a special type of plant, a reed, called imisi (cyperus textilis) to create our weavings. In my previous post, I talked about this plant and its unique qualities. Today, we were joined by Cashier and Dereck, who work for Binky. It was their first time weaving with imisi, and it was a huge success!

Meet Victoria, Cashier and Lindewe

Victoria and Lindewe live in Dunoon, just outside Cape Town. I have known them since 2014, and it brings me so much joy to see them every year. Cashier is not only a valued staff member at Design Afrika but also a talented crafter. He is always busy creating something amazing with great skill.

Victoria, Cashier and Lindewe weaving at Design Afrika
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Dereck, the Can-Do-Anything Man

Dereck is the warehouse manager at Binky, and he can do just about anything! It is an absolute delight to work with him. He always has a smile on his face and a joke or two ready to make us laugh.

Dereck weaving with imisi at Design Afrika
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The Start of My Piece

I am almost done with my weaving project! By the time I leave Design Afrika in mid-March, I hope to be able to weave on my own without any help. It's been such a rewarding experience learning from Victoria, Lindewe, Cashier, and Dereck. I can't wait to see the final result of all our hard work!

The start of a basket made with imisi reed
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Weaving Almost Done!

Beverly with her almost finished little basket
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