Bonkers chat de Beverly Smart

Adieu Bonkers

Bonkers the cat

I first met Bonkers online. I’d been thinking about getting a cat for a while. Then my friend posted a cat on Facebook that needed to be rescued from the SPA (rescue home) in Carcassonne… and tagged me. I was in South Africa working, but enjoying a glass of their delicious red wine at the end of the day and … suddenly found myself saying yes please! He was so cute and fluffy; an older cat which seemed to be a good idea to me as it had been years since my last one with the kids. I gulped. What have I done! I’ve taken on a cat who I’ve never met. Believe me that’s the closest to online dating I’m ever going to get! When I returned to Lagrasse, I couldn’t wait to meet him.

A lovely cat

Bonkers was so soft, friendly and about five years old, no-one really knew because he’d been abandoned, probably in an accident as he had a wonky leg. It was instant love. His foster mum brought him, together with his bed and toys, to check my home and that I would be a good carer. And voila! Bonkers moved in. I wanted an outdoor cat; so of course he decided he didn’t want to go outside! But he loved the sun, and moved around the house moving from one patch of sun to another. He would rush down the stairs to greet me; lie on every bed in the house at different times of the day and generally make his presence known.

Unforeseen dangers

Very sadly, a couple of week’s ago, I was horrified when I returned home to find that he was really ill. No-one knows what poisoned him. I didn’t want a post mortem. He showed all the signs of taking drugs - in a hallucinatory sort of way. I was mortified to think it could have been a plant. I read online that oxalis, for example, can affect cats. In fact the list is worryingly long. I think there should be more awareness made that if a houseplant can’t be a houseplant for a pet, it should say so on the label. It’s not definite that this was the cause but it made me realise that a simple symbol on the packaging – maybe a cross on a cat would be a useful precaution.

So, meet Busby….

  Busby Beverly's new cat

Well, it’s the only way! I enjoyed rescuing Bonkers so much that I contacted the SPA and said I have all his food and bedding, let’s try again. What amazing people. The home had rescued about 30 cats when I was there and 40 dogs. The place was clean and organised, the animals so well cared for and most of the staff are volunteers. If you get a chance, please just consider it … rescue a cat, or dog or just help them out. It’s so worth it.

Busby, not his original name but because that’s what he looks like if you were to put him on your head, is a youngster in comparison - just 18 months old but kitten like and a great find.

Thank you to everyone at the SPA who has helped me with Bonkers and Busby.

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